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Brass Cup
Discover the perfect blend of utility and elegance with our Golden Brass Cups, designed for industrial shop and workshop use. Weighing between 10-150 grams, these cups offer a harmonious combination of durability and portability. Elevate your workspace with the exquisite golden hue, making these cups an essential and stylish addition for various applications.
Geyser Assembly Parts
Discover excellence in water heating with our Geyser Assembly Parts. Featuring a thickness range of 1 to 3.6 meters, these components are available in various sizes for optimal customization. Enhanced by electronic polish and galvanization, they ensure not only durability but also a sleek finish, embodying the pinnacle of geyser performance.
Mild Steel Parts
Explore durability and versatility with our Mild Steel Parts. Crafted from high-quality steel, these components feature a thickness ranging from 0.1 to 3 millimeters or 0.1 to 8 meters, ensuring adaptability for diverse applications. Enhanced with galvanized and electronic polish surface treatments, these parts exemplify both strength and a refined finish.
Heating Element Parts
Heating Element Parts are often made of metal, either in the form of a wire, ribbon, or an engraved design on a piece of metal foil. A heater could also have silicone, ceramic, or plastic that has been conductor-impregnated. They require very low maintenance and replacement costs.